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Sunday 27 March 2011

Card Swap (Joanna Sheen Forum)

The theme for the March Swap was Grapes. As I have recently bought a grapes and a vine stamp in the recent Barbara Grey stamp sale, I just had to use them. Stamped in a dye ink on watercolour paper and then used a waterbruch to pull the ink in for colouring.

Sunday 13 March 2011

Dimension Fourth - March Project Card

This month the set of stamps features two "greetings" stamps, a shoe, an urn, a crown and a corner swirl.

I decided to glitter the edge of my mats rather than emboss them.

I also decided not to use the supplied/suggested stamps for the border stamping as I felt they did not go with the "If all else fails accessorie" phrase. So I used some accessory stamps I already had (from two other sets - not dimension fourth.

Am now working on my ATCs for the club swap using this month's stamps.

Joanna Sheet - House Mouse

This double fold/tri-panel card was created from a piece of card 4 inches by 12 inchies, that was scored to fold in on itself and finished up 4 inchies by 4 inchies.

This is the front of the card. It is a Joanna Sheen stamp - from a set called Windows that she did a couple of years ago. I am pleased with the way I have been able to extend the original image so that it fills the whole of the panel. The chap on the front covers up a cat that is part of the original image and is out of scale to the mouse

Open up the front and inside you see the mice sitting round the fire drinking tea!

The image was extended by myself, sideways and downwards to fill the panel.

Open this panel and you get to the message panel.

The background paper on the left and right panels was created by scanning the chap from the front cover into a graphics programme and using the create background option.