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Dimension Stamps Project Club 2012

This month I have adapted the Wedding Card project for a Wedding Anniversary.

Did not like the project card and the blue card supplied, so adapted it to a black/white/silver Sympathy Card.

Fun stamps and a fun project card, only minor modifications made.

A very useful set of stamps and very on trend. Thought project card need brightening up, so add silver matt and silver cogs (spellbinder die).

The gate is a very useful addition to my collection. I decided to use a different embossing folder. I also change the colour card for the mats, as the card supplied clashed with the ribbon. Did not bother with the number in the gate at this time, will add it in when card is sent, so card is personalised for recipient.

The cake and stand stamps looked promising but I felt the project card was uninspiring, so the card I made bears no resemblance to the project card. I have ideas for future use of this stamp set, but have yet to find the time to play.

Only minor modifications made to the project card - enjoyed making this one.

This card bears no resemblance to the project card, which was uninspiring. A useful set of stamps for a male card, goes well with some other stamps I have on a similar theme from a different range of stamps.

A fun set of stamps and a nice addition to my collection. Only minor modications made to the card. Making the card was a little challenging at times, as instructions not completely clear on some of the stages.

Not a great set of stamps and an uninspiring project card. As I don't celebrate Christmas did not bother with adapting the project at this time. Might combine it with other stamps to make a new home card.

Made a few modifications to this card, so that the word Christmas does not appear.

A great set of stamps to add to others in my collection on a similar theme. The only let down was the flock of birds stamps - too thick and too big. I don't know who put the packs together this month, but they must have done it in the dark, the grey, light blue and dark blue card all clashed with each other and with the supplied ribbon..

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