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Little Claire Project Club 2014


Nice little cage and bird set.  I substituted the Mr & Mrs text on the project card with Happy Wishes on your birthday.

I also stamped on the card candi with a card candi flower stamp.


I did not like the colour combination of card I was sent for the tage project.  So instead I made something similar to one of the inspiration cards.  I aslo had a first play with the sparkle self adhesive sheet Little Claire now make.


Now due to an error on my part, I did not get the project set for March.  However, at the Harrogate Craft Fair I was able to buy the owl stamps that were the project stamps and I made a card using the stamps and inspired by a card I saw in the Little Claire Gallery.


Did a little bit of tweaking of the layout of the project card.  Still not 100% happy with the front, I feel it needs a little something else, not sure what though.


Again only minor tweaks to the layout of the project card.  The glitter butterfly was made by putting Imagination Craft Sparkle Medium into a Martha Stewart mold and leaving it to dry (for 36 hours).  It is quite fragile.

I am not usually a fan of 3D construction cards, but this type I am will to try again.








This month this set of man stamps arrived just in time, for me to use in a nephew birthday card.

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